After the death of the father in this family, Chalice supporters rallied to their aid, sponsoring the remaining children and covering the cost of medical bills.
The Direct Family Funding process gives the women more control over taking care of their families and an independence they wouldn’t have had before.
Joanne writes: This little man is watching the festivities from his rooftop, overlooking the valley below from the mountainside. He had my heart in an instant with his ... beautiful smile.
During a visit to the Chalice Sponsor Site of Chiclayo, Peru, Dennis met Flor, an inspirational lady who required surgery to remove her foot. Dennis is now raising funds to help Flor and her family.
It's like giving two gifts in one! Send an ecard or a printed card to the recipient of your gift!!
Sponsor a child with Chalice and see the difference $33/month can make!
An excerpt from the award letter: Integrity, transparency, compassion and trust are characteristics people long for in their relationships with others and from their leader. Read more...
Chalice receives another A+ in the International Aid & Development Category

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